4 things to do in NYC this weekend

Friday (12/13) > Williamsburg 2:nd Friday

Galleries stay open late for the monthly Williamsburg 2:nd Friday, giving you the chance to explore the neighborhood’s art scene after-hours and, even better, drink on someone else’s dime. Around a dozen participating establishments will welcome visitors until at least 9 pm, with some shuttering as late as midnight.

Saturday (12/14) >  Sixpoint Holiday Concert & Beer Festival

On Saturday, attend the first annual Sixpoint Holiday Concert & Beer Festival, where you’ll be practically drowning in unlimited pours of the brewery’s sudsy stuff. They’ll have 12 of their beers on tap, including Oktoberfest, Gorilla Warfare and their Apostle IPA. Proceeds from the event benefit the Humane Society of New York.

Saturday (12/14) > Unsilent Night

If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a mass musical mobile, here’s your chance. A glorious and chilly ritual since 1992, with only the technology changing over the ensuing years, Unsilent Night is composer Phil Kline’s annual electronic tribute to the joy of caroling. (Washington Park, 7:00 PM)

Saturday (12/14) > SantaCon

Join 35,000+ Santas all over NYC at SantaCon. And remember the four fs of SantaCon: Don’t fuck with kids, don’t fuck with cops, don’t fuck with bar staff, and (please) don’t fuck with NYC.

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